Apple devices in your school? 

Matt's expertise will bring out the potential for student learning by building better teaching practice through the use of creative digital tools.

With 20 years combined teaching, leadership & consultative experience, and recognised by Apple as an Apple Learning Specialist & Distinguished Educator, Matt will work independently to provide inclusive, safe and purposeful leadership direction, staff Professional Learning and student learning opportunities.

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An Apple Specialist... for Apple schools
iPad  |  MacBook


Device basics - make the most from the investment

Apple Apps - confidently apply built-in apps to learning situations

Workflows - maximise communication and feedback loops


Deeper Learning through Curriculum Integration

Beyond mastering the device itself... creativity and innovation is true purposeful integration. Taking planned curriculum to the next level, exploring unique and bespoke ideas that foster innovation.

> Recognised Apple Distinguished Educator

> Certified Apple Professional Learning Specialist

Digital Technologies Curriculum

...it's so much more than just coding!


Explore the Digital Technologies Curriculum in depth while making links to integrated STE(A)M driven opportunities.


Demystify the terminology and bring understanding and purpose to the curriculum area.


A gateway to practical problem solving, coding encourages student collaboration and creativity. Defining problems and seeking solutions, while enjoying the fun of controlling robotics!

'Sphero' is a bot of choice. It's instant on, durability, app interface and built in sensors make accessibility to students of almost all year levels easy!

'Swift' is a coding language found extensively in the works of app development.

Entering students into the world of the Swift language is made easy though the 'Swift Playgrounds' app for iPad. Swift Playgrounds is a key step in the progression for students to learn practical coding.

'Arduino' is a microcontroller - cheap and easily available. The myriad of additional electronic components that can be coded in to Arduino make the design opportunities almost endless.

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